Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Resilience and Gratitude

What a season it has been so far. Firstly, we want to extend our deepest thanks to everyone who has walked through our shop at the Texas Renaissance Festival this year. When just a few months ago we were unsure whether our shop would be dark and our doors would be closed, you all have brought sunshine and radiance through our shop. Your generosity and appreciation for our artwork and for the festival has not gone unnoticed and it is your spirit for the faire and its people that has propelled us forward and brought a smile to our faces - under our masks! Thank you again for coming out to see us again during these uncertain times, and we look forward to the remaining few weeks ahead. We also look forward to a strong, vibrant, resilient 2021 season, and we will keep you posted of any future fairs and festivals that reopen to us next year.

We also wanted to share a heartwarming story from a sweet young lady that came through our doors a few weeks ago. She is flower vendor at the Ren Fest, and came into our shop last year to buy a handmade mug. Fast forward one year, the year that has been 2020, and she returned to us with a sad, but touching story. Over the past year she suffered the loss of her home and everything in it to a fire. It was a devastating moment to walk through the ashes of what was once her home, but as she sifted through the rubble, she found her mug lying in the ashes, unscathed. She picked up that mug and held it tightly, one of the only remaining pieces left of her home. She came in to tell us her story, to tell us that her Stain and Stone mug survived the 2500 degree blaze and is a cherished keepsake in her story. Thank you to her. Thank you for coming back in to share your story with us. You are why we are here. 


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